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Looking to create a relationship with money that is spiritually grounded, purpose driven, provides a foundation for a fulfilling life and relationships? Are you looking to create a relationship of security, ease, flow while creating a legacy of making a profound positive difference in the lives of those you love and your community?

Shame, Fear, Resentment, Jealousy, Resignation, Abandonment, Rejection, Lack. These are at the root of most of our issues and blocks around creating a spiritually grounded, deeply connected and fulfilling life—individually and collectively. The disconnect we see throughout our world is mirrored in our relationships with money; a relationship in which money is merely relegated to being nothing more than a medium of exchange and disconnected from it's spiritual purpose. It is the reason why people will literally kill one another to possess a few mere tokens.

Money informs every aspect of our lives. It shapes our worldviews, our daily activities and even our thinking. Most of us live out our cultural mythologies and stories around money as we associate our sense of self and well being with money’s presence in our life.

Your relationship with money is the most important spiritual relationship you can develop. Your habits with money are the most powerful spiritual practice you can create. Every thought you have about money and every dollar you spend expresses your values in a way that merely wishing or thinking can—it is the only real expression of what you’re committed to. I think of it as the highest form of prayer.

I've spoken with person after person—people passionate about doing deep introspective work and making a positive difference in our world—with years of personal development work under their belt. Yet when I ask them what work they've done around their relationship with money I typically can hear crickets chirping or a pin drop!

It’s time to move beyond the fear and the stories. It’s time to address the root issues and step into the fullness of who you want to become. I continue to work on these issues myself and I have learned some wonderfully supportive tools, paradigm shifting perspectives and developed a powerful presence to help us co-create a new way of being.

Give me a call.

You’re practicing every day. What relationship with money will you practice tomorrow?

Free 11-week Introductory course!

I’m super excited to offer my introductory e-course focused on your relationship with money. This 11-week online series will take you through some simple ideas about how you can start, right now, to transform your relationship with money, debt, credit cards, savings, and more.

This course will help you clarify your desires, define your vision, understand what you really want, and spot your hidden traps and obstacles. My 3 Keys for Manifesting a Rich Life will open the door to a happier and more prosperous future.

The course totally free, and there’s no strings (really!). You can start on your path of transformation today!

This course is perfect for you if you:
•Desire greater success in any area of your life
•Are afraid to look at your bank statements or think about credit card debt
•You want to create a relationship of ease, comfort, security and flow with your money
•Are making plenty of money but still feel afraid it might “all go away” soon or feel unsatisfied and unfulfilled
•Are ready to experience a more fulfilling life, relationships, create a lasting legacy and have a profound positive impact in our world!

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